About The Boondock Saints....

It has come to my attention that not all my readers are familiar with "The Boondock Saints."

Allow me to tease you.

The Boondock Saints are Connor (Sean Patrick Flannery) and Murphy (Norman Reedus) MacManus who decide they must rid the world of evil men. I can not tell you more without ruining the plot.

The important part of this is that they are often sweaty, half-clothed and grabbing onto each other.

I offer proof by way of these few pictures. (Including one that isn't a great picture of them, but is from the scene where they have to cuddle while they cauterize each other's wounds.)

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I'm gonna have a straight-up tantrum pretty soon.

I have much urge to write more Boondock Saints/Supernatural crossover fic but right now the brothers are yelling things at each other like:

"We fight evil men!"
"Oh yeah!? We fight ACTUAL EVIL!!"

They are also howling Tenacious D at each other and giggling:

"Be you Angels?!?!"
"Nay - we are but MEN!"

*cue headbanging*

BITCHES, the lot of them.
An Example

A Room With A View (WWE - Shane Helms/Jeff Hardy & Jericho/Edge)

TITLE: A Room With A View
SERIES: Red Notebook
DISTRIBUTION: Just tell me where!
WHY?: Voyuerism, Touchy BoyLove, all kinds of Gay Sex

DISCLAIMER: If I actually DID get paid for writing these stories, then it would be proof that I really DO have mind control over Vince McMahon.

CHARACTERS: Shane “Hurricane” Helms, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Adam Copeland (Edge).

Warning: UNproofread. Woteveh.


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*turns on the blinky eyes*
Spooky Mary Pickford

We'll Know Better (Supernatural - Dean/Sam) (violent sex)

Another WIP.

heh. PWP WIP.

I don't know if it's working. *kicks things*

Ideas? Anyone?

WARNING: Fic contains incest, violence, gay sex and overuse of the words "fumble" and "door."

DISCLAIMER: "A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away, there was Supernatural. And we looked at it and saw that it was good. And all was right in the world. But then, we saw that Dean doth look upon Sam with lust, and that was not likely to be included in the next episode, so we said “Screw it!” and wrote it ourselves, even though we do not make any money off of this. And all was right with the world."

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