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The Dark Hours of the Night

SERIES: Not really, but it is (obviously) a work in progress and part of a larger story.
DISTRIBUTION: Sure - Just let me know and link back here.

WHY?: Violence, Gay Sex, Blood, Knife-Play, Semi Non-Con

CHARACTERS: Eric Northman (TrueBlood TV-verse) & Ianto Jones (Torchwood)

DISCLAIMER: If I was in charge of the world, these boys would be naked and fucking constantly. Sadly for all parties concerned, I am not in charge, I am only a raving fangirl.

A little background/setup: This takes place on the upper floor of a mansion where there is a "Vampire Ball" going on on the floor below. Jack and Bill have been sharing war stories, but Ianto didn't bother to find that bit out so he's being sulky and jealous upstairs. We all know how Eric loves to torture people who are already mopey. This is set either pre-beginning of TV Torchwood or AU - whichever makes you deal with things better.


Tired of watching him, he stepped up behind Ianto and snaked an arm around his chest.

"I know what you think about in the dark hours of the night" he murmured in his ear.

"Shut up Eric..." Ianto said flatly, pushing away from him.

"What?" he asked "You want me to lie? To say that I haven't seen you eyeing with surpressed longing?"

"I said Be Quiet, you stupid viking." Ianto's voice was low and threatening.

"Stupid am I?" his voice was characteristically mocking. "You think I don't entertain thoughts about your slender body pressed against his as you beg him to take you?"

"I don't beg." He said flatly.

"Oh of courrrrse not!" the vampire smirked. "You wouldn't would you? You'd just grab his hair and fuck his pretty face, screaming and moaning as he sucks on you, making you cum all over that ...."

"That's ENOUGH!" Ianto shouted, pushing him back against the wall. Eric felt Ianto’s erection hard against his belly.

"You seem a little more turned on than you care to admit" he grinned, flashing his fangs.

"SHUT. UP!" Ianto howled, backhanding him and rocking him back onto his heels.

Eric wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, leaving a smear of blood from his lips across his cheek.

"And I suppose you claim to be non-violent as well!!" he snarled back, slapping Ianto hard enough to send him reeling back against the wall. Ianto raised his hand to strike at Eric again, but instead lunged forward, gripping his shoulders and forcing a brutal kiss on him.

Eric seized his bottom lip in his teeth and bit him, but Ianto maintained the kiss, forcing it on him, their blood mingling in their mouths as he crushed Eric’s mouth into submission. His fingers tore at his clothing. So frantic was he that he gave up on the buttons and simply ripped Eric’s shirt from neck to hem.

He clawed his way down Eric’s body, worrying at his belt with his mouth, letting his teeth graze his erection through the fabric of his trousers.

"Dammit Boy! You're insane!" Eric groaned. Giving Ianto’s hair a sharp tug, he pulled him upright again and bit his neck, feeling his pulse quicken under his teeth. As he nuzzled along his neck, staining the pale skin, he reached into Ianto’s front pocket.
"What have we got?" he asked. "Ahhhh......" he flicked open Ianto’s pocketknife. He slid it up along his stomach, hooking it under the buttons one at a time. Dropping the knife, he jerked open Ianto’s shirt and bent to capture a nipple with his teeth.

Ianto gave a gasping groan and ran his nails up Eric’s chest, leaving streaks of fire behind.
Leaving a bloody mouth print on his chest, Eric reached for his lips again, this time plundering his mouth with his tongue.

Pulling back suddenly, Ianto stared into his eyes.

"I hate you." he said.

"I hate you too.......Bitch." Eric smirked in reply and licked the blood from his cheek.
He shoved Ianto backward onto the settee, straddling his narrow hips. Leaning down he finished divesting him of his pants, then reaching forward he started to tease him, twirling his fingers around his nipples, pinching, stroking, tweaking.

Ianto squirmed under him, his erection rubbing against the roughness of Eric’s pants. His nails raked along his arms, drawing blood in thin, beaded scratches. He tried to squirm away. Rising onto one elbow, he swung at Eric’s chin.

Eric caught his fists and squeezed tightly, digging his nails into his hands. He leaned forward, pinning his arms down and licking along his chest. Nudging aside the open fabric of his shirt with his nose, he caught his nipple in his teeth, worrying it until Ianto arched off the bed, almost screaming. Eric ground his pelvis against him again.

"Feel how hard I am?" he whispered "Who do you wish I was Ianto?” “Tell me......Tell me......!" he hissed, biting his earlobe.

Ianto moaned underneath him. His fingers reached up and twined painfully in his hair. Turning his head Ianto tried to meet his lips again. Eric jerked backwards and slapped him.

"Tell Me!" he demanded again, blood-tears coming to eyes.

"Are you crying because I won’t tell you or because it hurts?" Ianto smirked, giving the blonde hair an extra twist.

"You little bastard!" Eric hissed, turning his head against Ianto’s strength and biting his wrist. Ianto gasped as his fangs sunk in, but pulled Eric’s head back down towards his face.

"Poor Eric" he whispered mockingly, moving one hand down the side of his face. "Can't ever get what he wants..."

"Neither can you" Eric snarled back at him. "Boys, Boys, all around, and not a drop to drink..."

"You know nothing" Ianto stated, his free hand working Eric’s shirt off his shoulders. Holding him still, his fingertips traced the lines of body, lingering on a nipple, a drop of sweat, his navel. He moved downward, stroking the exposed hip where he had undone Eric’s pants. Feeling the warmth from his cock hot against his groin, he paused; letting go of Eric’s hair for a moment he grabbed both sides of his pants and tugged sharply, ripping the fabric away. Before Eric could respond he had one hand in his hair again, the other seeking Eric’s cock where it pressed against him.

He sat up suddenly, coming eye to angry eye.

"Maybe I have what I want. NOW."

He shoved Eric backwards onto the cushions, pinning him down.

"My turn" he said leaning in to nuzzle and nip at his neck.

Eric writhed in rage, bucking his hips up under his legs that straddled him, reaching out and grabbing Ianto's neck with one hand..

"Oh no, I don't think so.... " he smirked rubbing his cock against Ianto’s. "You needed to know what I wanted, so I'm showing you."

"What the hell are you talking about?!?" Ianto demanded, his hand tightening on Eric’s throat.

"I don't want Jack or Bill" Eric whispered, his cock teasing against Ianto’s. "I want you. I want you under me, moaning. I want you in my arms, begging me to stay with you. I want your blood on my lips as you scream my name."

Something unreadable flashed across Ianto's face.
He raised one eyebrow, hissed "Do It Then." and pulled Eric towards him.

Worth continuing?
Tags: blood, eric/ianto, gay sex, knife play, torchwood, true blood, vampires, violence
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