July 4th, 2011


 Last song

“Do we have any chance of surviving this?” Dean asked
“You do” Castiel replied
“So, odds are you are a dead man tomorrow”
“Wow. Well, last night on earth. What, uh what are your plans?”
“I just thought I'd sit here quietly”.
“Dude, come on. Anything? Booze? Women?”

This was how the conversation was going, was suppose to go. Many years later, when Dean replayed the whole evening, over and over again, in his head , he still couldn’t hear the warning bells, ringing in his head. He didn’t, expect the conversation to go awry from that point on. If he were prophet chuck, he would have written the next line of the conversation.

“You have been with women before? Right? Or an angel, at least? You mean to tell me you've never been up there doing a little cloud seeding?”.

Oh yes, if he were a writer, and a prophet, he would have penned these lines, would have happy about it too. But as fate would have it, kismet as he called it, no one can predict what the future.Collapse )