Last song

“Do we have any chance of surviving this?” Dean asked
“You do” Castiel replied
“So, odds are you are a dead man tomorrow”
“Wow. Well, last night on earth. What, uh what are your plans?”
“I just thought I'd sit here quietly”.
“Dude, come on. Anything? Booze? Women?”

This was how the conversation was going, was suppose to go. Many years later, when Dean replayed the whole evening, over and over again, in his head , he still couldn’t hear the warning bells, ringing in his head. He didn’t, expect the conversation to go awry from that point on. If he were prophet chuck, he would have written the next line of the conversation.

“You have been with women before? Right? Or an angel, at least? You mean to tell me you've never been up there doing a little cloud seeding?”.

Oh yes, if he were a writer, and a prophet, he would have penned these lines, would have happy about it too. But as fate would have it, kismet as he called it, no one can predict what the future.Collapse )
Crying on the Inside

Full Frontal Drabble

I cannot seem to write anything longer than 10 sentences about ANYTHING.
Well okay, most of this is SEX, but not between the same people.

(Guess them all and I'll give you some sort of prize.)


My fingers close around the back of his neck and I draw him in for a serious kiss. He almost balks as my tongue slides over his lips, until I finally growl and pull back just enough to murmur with a considerable degree of sarcasm, "It might get a bit more interesting if you opened that bloody mouth of yours, John!"


“Did you steal my jacket?” he asks, wondering when she had time to put shoes on.
“No Jack,” she smirked, “this is MY jacket, it just looks like your’s…..Guess Why.”


“I swear to God, Sammy, if you got sex stains on my car, I’ll kill you...” I muttered.


"I hate you!" he hisses quietly, and this time I can't resist the temptation to tug his lower lip between my teeth and bite down until a fang elicits a groan that is not primarily an expression of pain.


Something wakes Jack up.

He blinks into the darkness, trying to place what has wriggled him out of sleep. A noise works its way into his consciousness. A soft moaning noise punctuated with a deep muffled back-beat sort of sound. Naked, he swings his legs over the edge of the bed and reaches for the dark blue robe Ianto left for him the other night. Sliding its silkyness over his bare shoulders, he leaves his room and pads down the hall, his bare feet making no noise against the cool metal of the walkway.


He dips his head and captures a rosy nipple in his lips, teasing it with his teeth. Her back arches, pushing her against him and wisps of golden light dance from her fingers where they move restlessly against the skin of his back. The light swirls around them as if on unseen air-currents, cocooning them in a warm glow.


I wanted to taste him. Not just the blood, which forgotten by him, was weaving a brilliant trail down his collarbone. I wanted his skin, his hair, his sweat. I wanted to bury my face in his smell and savor whatever it was that made him…..Ron.

I forced myself to move slowly. I was quivering – my chance to taste him could vanish – but I didn’t want to spook him. Such things must always be done delicately. That being said, I was pretty sure he was caught up in it with me and was not going to flee.

I leaned forward and pressed my lips against the wellspring of red. He shook under my touch and we trembled together. He tasted of copper and cinnamon and skin. I flicked my tongue against his fluttering pulse and he gasped, his fingers running up my arms to
twist in my shirt.


Jack is doing that THING he does. The thing where he acts like he doesn’t care and would just as soon have an orgy rather than talk to anyone.

100 times more dangerous than france!

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I am blatantly stealing this from glockart.


I have pairings/fandoms/characters that I adore that are either not often drawn, or at the very least not drawn together. I accept this, but I can't deny that when I see them written or drawn, it fills me with glee.

Therefore, in an effort to get more of what I want, I want to give you something you want.

In exchange for a drabble/drawble/wibble/doodle from one of my favorites, I will give you at least a drabble and.or some icons of one of your favorite fandoms/pairings! (I prefer drawbles/sketches, since I can't draw for crap, but whatever floats your boat.) OR I could also take a picture that reminds me of you. (but that wont be fandom related)

Here's how it'll work:

1) Post your bits OR comment with your choice (of what you're doing) from my list, and let me know what you'd like me to draw for you!

2) I will write ANY FANDOM provided you give me some references/places to get references for fandoms I'm unfamiliar with.

3) Smut is fine by me. In fact, if you DON'T want smut, you should probably tell me.

4) absolutely no deadline on this

5) there can be repeats!!

6) If I list a show or book with no characters after it, it means that anything is okay by me.
ADDITIONALLY, I AM PRO-CROSSOVER. So much so that I write it nearly exclusively at this point. In fact, if you crossover on me, I'll probably "pay you back" double. And really I guess part of this is to see what cross-overs other people come up with.

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Saunter Downwards

The Dark Hours of the Night

SERIES: Not really, but it is (obviously) a work in progress and part of a larger story.
DISTRIBUTION: Sure - Just let me know and link back here.

WHY?: Violence, Gay Sex, Blood, Knife-Play, Semi Non-Con

CHARACTERS: Eric Northman (TrueBlood TV-verse) & Ianto Jones (Torchwood)

DISCLAIMER: If I was in charge of the world, these boys would be naked and fucking constantly. Sadly for all parties concerned, I am not in charge, I am only a raving fangirl.

A little background/setup: This takes place on the upper floor of a mansion where there is a "Vampire Ball" going on on the floor below. Jack and Bill have been sharing war stories, but Ianto didn't bother to find that bit out so he's being sulky and jealous upstairs. We all know how Eric loves to torture people who are already mopey. This is set either pre-beginning of TV Torchwood or AU - whichever makes you deal with things better.


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Worth continuing?